Postdoctoral Opportunity at Rutgers University

Geobloggen has through its channels received word of a postdoctoral position at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Here’s the wording of the advertisement:


Are your GIS skills a tad better than just creating mental maps?

Adaptations of Fish and Fishing Communities to Rapid Climate Velocities

Postdoctoral Opportunity – Department of Geography, Rutgers University

«The Postdoctoral Candidate will contribute to a multi-year National Science Foundation funded project which examines the responses of marine species and fishing communities to climate change using long-term ecological, social, and environmental datasets as well as community-based interviews and related ethnographic research. This project aims to assess the distribution of fish species and fishing community territories across North American continental shelves, determine the impacts of climate change on these patterns, and understand how these changes constitute and are constituted by the choices and practices of fishing communities.

The patterns, ranges, and capacities of fish species and fishing communities are changing in response to climate change at speeds that often surpass those of terrestrial systems. This project uses the tightly coupled social-ecological system of marine fisheries to explore the dynamics of rapid change, feedback, and adaptation within the system and in response to climate change. To address such issues requires a committed multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. investigators include an ecologist, economist, anthropologist, geographer, theoretician, and fisheries scientist) as well as multiple research methodologies (e.g. process-based, statistical, and bioeconomic modeling; map biographies and qualitative GIS; and community-based interviews, observations, and surveys). The goal of the project is to better understand how social-ecological systems might respond and adapt to climate change in ways that enhance sustainability.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in social science (geography, anthropology, marine or environmental studies, or related), training in political ecology and community-based research methods, and knowledge of qualitative GIS techniques and their application. The candidate should also demonstrate an openness to engaging with ecosystem scientists and modeling methods as part of an multi-disciplinary research team.

Application Process
The position is open until filled. Interested candidates should send their CV, a brief statement describing their research interests and qualifications, the names of three references, and a representative writing sample to Kevin St. Martin ( Inquires about the position can be sent to the same. The position is fully funded for 18 months and includes university benefits. Priority will be given to candidates that can start January 2015 or earlier.»

Good luck!


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